We’re historians who care about bringing historical context to contemporary issues, teaching history in ways that account for and help explain recent developments, and producing scholarship that speaks to the present day.

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Please check out the Clio and the Contemporary Author Bios on the right. The site features authors who work in academia, alt-ac, and public history.

The Editors:

Sarah King, co-founder and co-editor. Sarah manages submissions in the categories of Academia, Contemporary Issues, History Articles, and Teaching. She is is also the site’s publishing manager.

Mallory Szymanski, co-editor.

Julia B. Haager, copyeditor. Julia also manages the Surviving Grad School series.

Former Editors:

Tiffany Baugh-Helton, co-founder and former co-editor.

Jessica Derleth, former managing editor.

You can also check out our author bios on the right.

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